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Sports Mats: Martial Art / Yoga / Fitness...

 World-Map Puzzle-Largest foam Puzzle in the world

Soft puzzle mats for martial art, fitness, sports, and playroom...

Printed Mats

Products By Usages

Cha Yau is a manufacturer of products made from EVA. Our factory produce EVA foam material (Cha Yau EVA foam production) and also supply the finished goods (eg. foam mat and puzzle). We are capable to supply any of EVA foam products. However, we are very interested in EVA foam mats and puzzles, indeed, our factory is the only factory which integrates 'heat transfer printing' process with EVA foam production. We have the worldwide largest heat printing machines. Accordingly, we did supply the largest retailers with various EVA foam mats for many years.

In this regard, our major products can be categorized into three categories. And, the usages of those products are for the DIY floorings and educational toys (Products By Usages).

1. The Basic Foam Mats: The pure EVA foam mats. The size can be 30cm, 60cm or 100cm square with various colors. The Basic Foam mats can be used outdoor/indoor for the business or home use, i.e., for the sporting, play and the safety of work place.

2. The Printed Mats: Various patterns can be printed on the mats. For example, we can further process the basic mat into wooden-like flooring. The printed Mats can also be used as playing mats and floorings for the living room, kitchen etc.

3. The Puzzles: We designed a number of interesting EVA foam puzzles. Especially, we patented the biggest puzzle named World-Map Puzzle. The puzzles are educational and interesting toys especially for the children.

Followings are several samples of our exclusive products.

However, your inquiries for custom-made products in EVA-foam (EVA closed cell dense foam) are very welcome.


The foam floor puzzle is made by high quality EVA foam mat.
And, the colorful pattern was printed on each puzzle.
These are interesting and educational puzzle especially
for the children.

Floorings, Mats

The various EVA foam floorings and mats can be used indoors/outdoors (for home or business).
There are colored  mats and gray mats.

Other foam toys

We are able to supply many quality EVA foam toys. All of them are made by our EVA foam - soft, flexible and non-toxicity.

Cha Yau is the only manufacturer which is able to produce the largest EVA foam puzzles with colorful printings. We believe that the largest puzzle will be a trend of the market. Accordingly, the improving production processes and advanced equipment ensure the mass production of the large puzzles. Furthermore, worldwide consumers will have new criteria of EVA foam products. They will fall short of the low quality foam mats/puzzles which normally have ammonia smells, lower density, roughly surface and other drawbacks. At this point of view, we persist in producing quality products. Cha Yau’s plan is clear. We produce high quality and giant foam puzzles for the people interested in quality products.


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